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CID-01885: Separable Cable Joint, 600A, Deadbreak

  Cable to Cable Kits, 600A Deadbreak
Class Name: Separable Cable Joint, 600A, Deadbreak
Separable I Cable Joint, 2-Way, 600A, Deadbreak
Separable Y Cable Joint, 3-Way, 600A, Deadbreak
Separable H Cable Joint, 4-Way, 600A, Deadbreak
Summary: Separable Cable Joint, 600A, Deadbreak


Elastimold separable cable joints are modular kits: 2-way, 3-way or 4-way insulated bus bars and retractable straight receptacle housings. The cables are bolted via compression lug to the bar. The straight receptacle house slides over the connections to form a fully shielded, fully submersible disconnectable cable joint. It is suitable for small vaults and manholes due to it size compact. It is modular and ideal where separable Components are required to accommodate future system circuit changes or expansions. You can also cap the un-used interface. They can also be used in direct -buried applications. . [1]




  1. Elastimold Underground Cable Accessories, Thomas & Betts, Sept 2016

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