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CID-01879: Locking Y Splice, 200A, Deadbreak

  200A, Deadbreak Seperable Cable Accessories
Class Name: Locking Y Splice, 200A, Deadbreak
Summary: Locking Y Splice, 200A, Deadbreak


The locking Y splice provides a permanent, fully shielded, fully submersible, Y splice. Typically, they are used where a new tap is required on an existing cable run or where a Y joint is required in a new cable installation. If a tap is required at some future time the tap leg of the Y splice can be insulated with a insulated cap. When the tap is required, de-energize the system, remove the insulating plug, and insert the prepared cable tap. The splice is for up to 25kV use and can be installed either direct buried or in a vault.









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