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CID-01877: Straight Receptacle, 200A, Deadbreak

  200A, Deadbreak Seperable Cable Accessories
Class Name: Straight Receptacle, 200A, Deadbreak
Summary: Straight Receptacle, 200A, Deadbreak


The 200A deadbreak Straight Receptacle is a fully shielded, fully submersible, separable insulated connector designed to connect a cable to another cable or apparatus. They require the use of an appropriate mating product installed on the other cable or apparatus. The disconnectible feature can be used only when the circuit is de-energized. The 200A deadbreak Straight Receptacle is suitable for use on both 15 and 25kV systems. The 200A deadbreak Straight Receptacle is designed to terminate UG cable having concentric neutral and extruded insulation shielding. It can be used to terminate other types of cable when installed with the proper cable shield adapter. [1]








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